El Morabba3

El Morabba3 is a combination of 4 angles in which one of them holds Muhammad Abdullah's voice and lyrics the other contains Tareq Abu Kwiak's voice and lyrics, then comes Odai Shawagfeh's ambient guitar sounds that fill the air around the words and finally Dirar Shawagfeh's melodic grooves that carry everything out..
El Morabba3 to us is the window in which we see things we want to express...being from a region that had seen alot of occupation (still does) you can imagine what we see

El Morabba3: Dirar Shawagfeh (drums, arrangement)
Muhammad Abdullah (bass, song writer, vocal, arrangement)
Odai Shawagfeh (Electric guitar, midi effects, arrangement)
Tareq Abu Kwaik( song writer, vocal, arrangement and percussions

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/morabba3
Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/El.Morabba3/info
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/ElMorabba3
Soundcloud Link: http://soundcloud.com/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=El+Morabba3+