Arabic Indie/spoken word/Rap

Far3i" in Arabic is an adjective meaning: "Secondary". The word "Far3" means a branch, a branch of a tree, a street, a phone line, an establishment; it is also used to describe a sub tribe from a bigger tribe, usually a tribe formed after one member had been separated for reasons like migration.
It is important to note that a branch of a tree grows out in different directions but it is still part of the tree and it is connected to the roots though the leg of the tree. And a secondary or a non main street of a city might have non typical characteristics or special demographical features of the city, but it is still part of the city. An article that is not on the main pages of a newspaper is usually seen as not so critical, but it can hold information that might become critical or had been marginalized for reasons that are more important that the main article itself.
The "El" part of the name, which is spelled like the way it sounds in non formal spoken dialect of the Fertile Crescent (Levant area: northern Arab peninsula) means "The".
 Therefore the name "El Far3i" means "The Secondary thing or person or idea" vs. "-just- A Secondary thing". In other words it is the "official" secondary entity.

El Far3i is my solo project, in which I express myself using my words, and that is either through singing them on my guitar or rapping them over beats or even on the guitar itslef...sometimes I just speak them..