Mohtaraf Remal for Arts

Phone: 0795815609
Location Map:
Address: Jabal al Louebdeh, Nemer Al Edwan Street

Mohtaraf space for imagination

Mohtaraf Remal... the dream project
it was a vague dream before a long time peak to 15 years ago the dream finally materialized ten years ago (1999) and the dream became reality.
Remal opened its doors to host friends, a artists, and the aware people.

Mohtaraf Remal...the oasis of arts
Its an artistic complex, for all kinds of arts: music,theater,cinema,literature,and visual arts.
Remal contains: art gallery,theater,cinema,art workshops,classrooms for art lessons,and a small cafe`.

Mohtaraf Remal...the mankind
Its inspiration comes from the friends around it,and gets the richness from students,artists,musicians,painters
sculptors,photographers,poets,novelists,and dramatists,
who are always visiting remal.

Mohtaraf Remal...home for expressions
It became an amazing art school where young artists could learn, painting, sculpture, drawing,and ceramics.
people could also go to the place to practice different kinds of art,such as, music,photography,acting,and poetry.
Remal also hosts many Arab and Jordanian artists during workshops,artistic events and festivities.



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