The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art

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Address: Jabal al Louebdeh

The Royal Society of Fine Arts has and does engage in a range of activities in cooperation with major international museums, cultural foundations and ministries in order to promote cultural dialogue and artistic exchange. These include UNESCO in Paris, the Ford Foundation in New York, Harvard Semitic Museum in Cambridge (Massachusetts), le Musée National d’Art Moderne du Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Musée d'Art et d'Hostoire in Geneva, Zacenta Gallery in Warsaw and Museums of Modern Art in Ankara, Cairo, Baghdad and Tunis, Benaki Museum, Athens: Fine Arts Museum, Valencia, Akureiri Art Museum and Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland: Modern History Museum, Milan: Vittoriano Complex, Rome: Centre Culturel de Rencontre, Luxembourg: Foundation Tres Culturas, Seville, to name a few.  It has also forged a number of close ties and cultural cooperation agreements with international organizations including:



•  The Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, USA

Institut Català de la Mediterrania d’Estudis i Cooperatio, Barcelona, Spain

Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterràneo, Naples, Italy

Academia Del Mediterraneo, Naples, Italy

Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Commune, Valencia, Spain.

Femme Art – Mediterannée, Rhodes, Greece.

The Art Reach Foundation – Atlanta, USA.


In Jordan, the Society cooperates with the Ministries of Culture, Education and Tourism as well as the University of Jordan, Yaromouk University, Al al- Bayt University, the Royal Institute for Islamic Studies (Al al- Bayt Foundation), and Darat al- Funun of the Khalid Shoman Foundation, as well as the Centre for the Study of the Built Environment CSBE.





Jacaranda Gallery

Jacaranda Images is a store dedicated to showcasing original art prints and works on paper. Screen prints, etchings, lithographs, photographs, as well as reproductions and posters, are collected from around the globe and are shown in a continuously changing environment.

Qinwan Gallery

Qinwan Gallery is an artifact shop and exhibition room. We cater to different tastes and needs, with a varied collection of paintings, pottery, figurines, embroidered items, and post cards. Our products range from contemporary to antique, as well as some retro items.

Zara Gallery

Established in 1999, Zara Gallery situated in the heart of Amman at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, has always been proud to present fine Jordanian, Arab and International art. We aim to be a place of experience and inspiration, through our collections, exhibitions, and programs


Makan is an independent dynamic space for contemporary art in Amman, Jordan, created in 2003 encouraging experimentation in concepts and production.

Nabad Gallery

Nabad is an innovative cultural space that exhibits and provides contemporary art by emerging and established talent from Jordan, the wider Arab world and other countries of the eastern Mediterranean.