Films from Palestine

Date: 14/04/2014 - 15/04/2014
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Organizer: The Royal Film Commission
Location: The Rainbow Theater - Jebel Amman- 1st Circle
Entry: Free   

Tuesday 15 April


7:00 PM

Khaled Jarrar, Documentary, 70 min, Arabic with English subtitles, Palestine/ Lebanon and United Arab of Emirates, 2012

Followed by a discussion with the Director Khaled Jarrar

The checkpoint is closed: “Detour, detour!” shouts a taxi driver, announcing the beginning of yet another uncertain search for a way around the barriers curtailing Palestinian movement in the West Bank.


“Infiltrators” is a “road movie” that chronicles the daily travails of Palestinians of all backgrounds as they seek routes through, under, around and over a bewildering matrix of barriers. The film follows a high stakes “game” of cat and mouse with a handheld video camera.


The film has won the Muhr Arab Documentary Prize, the Special Jury Prize and the International Critics Prize at Dubai International Film Festival 2012;  it has also won the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Director of Documentary Films.


The film received an official selection at Chicago International Film Festival and Edinburgh International Film Festival.


Wednesday 16 April 

Suspended Time

7:00 PM

Nine short films, 58 min, Arabic with English subtitles, Palestine and Germany, 2014

Followed by a discussion with the Producer Mohanad Yaqubi

In his article “The Day After”, Edward Said provides an immediate and very somber reading of the Oslo Agreement signed in September 1993. He begins with the reading of the theatrics of the signing ceremony itself and moves on to declare that the entire agreement means the suspension of most Palestinian rights.


Twenty years after the signing, this suspension has created a confusing and disturbing reality in the lives of Palestinians. How can one react with today’s reality and produce images that could stand as historical reference? Images that feed on this specific point in history and resonate the political rupture that we live today. 

“Suspended Time” is a film programme that comprises of nine short films. It is a compilation of impressions, reflections and the product of the imagination of nine filmmakers and artists. It is a montage of confined spaces - physical and psychological- handshakes, journeys, sound and time. The films look back at the 20 years that followed the signing of the Oslo Agreement. 


“Suspended Time” project includes the following set of short films:


Long War

Asma Ghanem, 2 min


Twenty Handshakes for Peace

Mahdi Fleifel, 3 min


Oslo Syndrome

Ayman Azraq, 6 min


Apartment 10/14

Tarazan and Arab Nasser, 8 min



Ameen Nayfeh, 11 min


Journey of a Sofa

Alaa Al Ali, 9 min


Letter to Obama

Mohanad Salahat, 7 min


From Ramallah

Asem Nasser, 3 min


Leaving Oslo

Yazan Khalili, 4 min