A Journey with the Women of Bab Allah

Dalia Al-Kury always felt she had a calling to go to Tunisia. So when she finally decided to follow that calling in the summer of 2008, she figured the best way to do it would be going as a volunteer rather than a tourist.

Notes on Falafel

Besides the Roman Theatre, the Citadel, the Hussein Mosque, Rainbow Street, Mansaf and Omar Abdallat, one more thing you can't avoid in Amman is Falafel.

Arabic Rock

When four Jordanians in their late teens and early twenties got together to form a band in 2003, they had no idea what they want to do other than play and sing the rock songs they grew up listening to.

Permission to dance

Art is the continuous “miracle” of creation/narration, of transcending the mundane of every day life, providing assurances that there is hope always, a light within the tunnel.

The Sun rises with Jordanian musician and singer Sahar Khalifeh

Waiting for the singer to appear, the audiences are always amazed by the brown eyed, curly haired small built young woman who appears on stage tailing after a strong sharp voice that doesn’t shy from any tune.